Reasons to Stay Active


Lower-back pain (LBP) caused by having a sedentary lifestyle is exceptionally common, affecting roughly 80% of the developed world at some point in their lifetimes.


Being sedentary will decrease insulin effectiveness and the risk of diabetes rises consequently.


Once you sit, the electrical activity in your lower limbs shuts, and the good cholesterol drops 20%. The risk of having cardiovascular disease rises as the time being seated increases.


Your metabolism drops to 1 calorie/min when being sedentary and the enzymes that help break down fat drop 90%. Excess fat accumulates easily and results in obesity.

How could you start?

Here are some simple changes you can make that would not take you extra time. Bringing some movements into the workplace could benefit you both on work performance and health.

Another way you could consider is to create an active office with either treadmill desks, standing desks or bike desks. Even if you work all day, you could reboot your energy easily with these machines at work.


"It mitigates the exerciisepanic that sets in around 4:30"
~Joanna Coles

"Googlers often use the treadmill desk for a change of pace and the health benefits"
~Google Chicago

"Walking while I work clears my head, cranks up my creativity, and helps me knock things off my to-do"
~~ Nelson
VP of marketing for MyFitnessPal


Need no sneakers simply walk and work With speeds from 0.6 km/hr ~ 6 km/hr


Replacing the office chair pedal longer with zero resistance to increase lower limbs circulation easily


Adjust height with one touch Whether to stand or sit Pair with accessories for more movement

Selected items from US corporations and education institutes!

Electric-Height Adjustable
Treadmill Desk TR5000 (76cm)

Electric-Height Adjustable Treadmill Desk TR1000

Stand Up 5 Standing Desk

Unity Bike Desk

Under-Desk Treadmill (with console)